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Blues, fusion, cake, beer, exchange and party

About Home-Brewed Blues

Blues and Fusion

Home Brewed blues is a community driven event, focusing on the pleasure of dancing, good DJ's, better musicians, and the kindest dancers.


The Festival

Copenhagen 11-13 September 2020

The Music

Let’s Do It

We are dedicated to bring you the best musicians, and the best DJ's.
So far we have booked the Sliding Woolf - Stefano Ronchi, and the great Dan Nash.
More to come

The Venue

Ørnevej 33, 2400 Copenhagen NV

Home-Brewed Blues takes place in a dedicated dance studio. We have 2 rooms, one for blues and one for late night fusion. We have a bar, a sauna and a cosy hang-out area.

The Daytime

Enjoy Copenhagen

Going on a cake walk, tasting beer, planning a practice session, We will do it all and more besides

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